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Rooster Info is a Delhi based young company promoted by entrepreneurs with qualification from premier institutes and years of experience.

Our motto is Customer Delight through Excellence and Performance.

We are technologically driven and focused on end-to-end solutions based on GPS, GPRS, RFID (and other SENSORS).

We design ,deliver and market products, services and solutions for location based remote access ,control ,monitoring ,alert and automatic reporting in REAL Time.

Some of the applications - to mention a few - are : machine-to-machine (M2M),automatic ETA SMS alert and attendance for school bus ,Cold Storage/ Reefer container temperature ,Dynamic Desktop display of remote locations, Fleet management ,Passenger Information System with Voice announcement for public and private transport ,automatic fare collection ,tamper-proof odometer ,Product /people Finder,Warehouse logistics/inventory management, People /Footfall counter ,Anti-theft security device ,automatic taxi / autorickshaw dispatch and many more.

We hope and wish our company will contribute to reduce traffic congestion and pollution, loss of time and material ,built-in system inefficiency and stress related to avoidable uncertainty through access to location based information in real time.


Rootster Info   Successfully Implemented   AFCS Systems as a Pilot   Project for Delhi   Transport Corporation   ( DTC )